Christmas Cookies!

10 Dec

This year I have decided to make four types of Christmas cookies. My mother and sister are coming for Christmas, so my cookie selection is influenced by my mother`s favorites and extra special cookies that will capture the taste buds of my chocolate and caramel loving sister.

The first two cookies, Cherry Flips and Forayne Cookies are my mother`s recipes that I`ve adapted. These are Christmas traditions at her house. When I ate wheat-free my mom would make these using Spelt flour and mail them to me so that I could have a bit of Christmas tradition when I couldn`t make it home for the holidays. Now it`s my turn. My mom is finding it hard to access affordable gluten free flours in her town and is trying to go gluten free herself. So this Christmas, one of my gifts to her is to make her favorite cookies gluten free.


Cherry Flip Cookies are show stoppers. These get rave reviews and guests can rarely just have one. I start with a maraschino cherry, wrap it in a butter cookie and bake it, then ice it with maraschino cherry icing, which gives it a beautiful pink colour and then roll it in coconut or pecans. These are a lot of work but so worth it.


Forayne Cookies are chewy coconut cookies and the illusive chewy quality of wheat-based cookies is fully captured in this gluten free version. These cookies have a delicate coconut and vanilla flavour; are not overly sweet but rather subtle and simple. I can see why my mom likes them so much!

In addition to my mom’s favorites, I will be making another show stopper cookie for my sister. My sister loves chocolate, and caramel. Her love of these led me on a quest for a delicious sounding recipe. The gluten free options Mr. Google presented left me a bit flat, so I opted to adapt another regular recipe. I found this Turtle Cookie recipe and decided to give it a whirl. I adapted the flours and opted to use Kraft Caramels rather than Rolos as Rolos are not gluten free.


Turtle Cookies, as you can see are a tasty chocolate-pecan cookie, with a caramel center that are topped with a whole pecan. Fantastically delicious and bound to satisfy any caramel and chocolate cravings my sister might have. I tested these on a few friends yesterday and they definitely got the thumbs up!

And then there was me; Shortbread has been one of my Christmas favorites since I was a little girl. This is my first gluten free Christmas and my search for a good shortbread recipe started early! Like I mean, I brought shortbread cookies to a Halloween party. I wanted to be sure I’d have this favorite treat mastered by the holidays. I tried a few different recipes with not so happy results before landing on one recipe that I find quite irresistible. No adaptation required!


Shortbread Cookies are  soft and buttery, just like the cookies I used to *sneak* off of the treat table when my mom’s back was turned. I’ve made them extra pretty by running them through a cookie press and giving them a more festive look. These are somewhere between a whipped and a pressed shortbread. My preference leans strongly toward whipped shortbread but I find those are a pain to make and store (gluten free or not). They turn into crumbs if you look at them wrong. So I found this happy medium, it holds its shape and still melts in your mouth.

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